Radya Pustaka Museum
The Musium Radya Pustaka is located in Jalan Slamet Riyadi, in Solo, Central Jawa, and as shown
in one of the photographs below, is the oldest museum in Indonesia.

It houses a collection of keris and other pusaka senjata, as well as many other Javanese cultural

The exhibits are very poorly maintained, and in recent years the museum has been the subject of
scandal due to the illegal sale of some of its objects. Its curator was mysteriously murdered.

It is very badly lit, the exhibits are behind dirty glass and almost impossible to photograph, however
even the extremely bad images I have provided here are perhaps better than none, because of the
unusual nature of some of the items displayed.

Stepping into the Musium Radya Pustaka is like taking a step back in time, maybe 100 years or
more. Nothing seems to have changed since it was established. In spite of the appalling state of the
exhibits and the terrible lighting, no lover of history could fail to be delighted by this museum. A
visit is well worth while if for no other reason than to soak in the atmosphere of the past.

This collection of photographs is still under construction and will be added to as time permits.