Karaton Surakarta
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Pusakas, or things which are considered to be sacred,
are highly valued by those people who own them.

The owner of a pusaka must guard and take care of a
pusaka as well possible.

Pusakas which are owned by the Karaton Surakarta
are of a number of types, amongst others:- tosan aji,
great umbrellas, vehicles, sedan chairs, household
necessities such as the rice cooker known as "Kyai
Duda", and other things.

Comment:- regrettably this expresses a hope,
rather than actuality.
Pakubuwana X and
his first ranked wife.
Models of various
types of Javanese
pendopo, a type of
pavilion for
relaxation and
meeting with
Giant rice cooker.
This is Kyai Rajamala, the
figurehead of the Royal Barge.

Rajamala represents the spirit of
the Bengawan Solo, in olden days,
Surakarta's major link with the
North Coast.

Each Crown Prince had the duty to
carve a figurehead for the Royal
Barge of the Susuhunan, ruler of