During March and April of 2007 Alan was in Indonesia.
He arrived in Bali just before Hari  Nyepi. Hari Nyepi is a "quiet day", a day of meditation, nobody may enter or
leave Bali during Hari Nyepi, and people must stay at home and are expected to meditate and pray; nobody is
allowed to eat or drink or smoke, or drive a vehicle.

On the day before Hari Nyepi there are animal sacrifices, the little statues that are the place of ancestors and gods
are taken to the sea, or to sacred springs, and are washed.  Figures of the bhutas and kalas that disturb peoples'
lives with evil and mischief are paraded around the town or village so that they can see the offerings laid out for
them. Everybody makes a lot of noise to wake up the bhutas and kalas.

The hope is that the evil and mischievous spirits will be appeased by the offerings, and on Hari Nyepi, seeing how
peaceful and contented the people are because the evil spirits have been satisfied, they will not cause trouble in
the year to come, well, maybe not for a while, at least.

The big colourful statues shown in the following images are representations of the evil spirits that disturb peoples'
lives; they are called "ogoh-ogoh". These are the statues that are paraded around town to see the offerings that
have been laid out. Each banjar makes at least one of these statues, the men of the banjar, as well as the children
of the banjar. One of the children's ogoh-ogoh was a demonic representation of a school teacher.
The demon school teacher.
I apologise for the quality of these images.They were made with an old Nikon point and shoot camera, and then put onto a CD.
The following images are photos of street scenes
in Kuta on the eve of Hari Nyepi.
The images below were taken in and around Surakarta, Central Jawa.
Entrance to the Alun-Alun and Keraton area.
Guardians of the gate.
The Pagelaran, the entry hall prior to entering the Keraton proper.
Giant canon in front of Pagelaran.
(Kyai Marijemkijahiponjoworo)
Keraton gateway at Pasar Klewer.
Pasar Gede---the Big Market
Shrek's Brother ?
Indonesia 2007
Hari Nyepi