This index page has only black & white images, and the individual pages also have B&W images of
the blades, as well as coloured images. I have used the B&W images because I found that the
coloured images were not giving the level of detail that I wanted. I have provided large images, so
you have the effect of looking at these keris under magnification.

With this collection what you have is something very unique. It is the best of the best of 50 years of
collecting this type of keris. Before I visited Jawa I had not managed to obtain even one keris sajen,
even though I had already been collecting keris since 1955 and I had started my collection with my
grandfather's collection that he started immediately after WWI.

Many of the keris in this collection have been subject to attempts to purchase by museums and by
other collectors, but I have not felt inclined to sell until recently. I have not commented upon these
attempts at purchase except where the attempt was memorable for one reason or another. One offer
to purchase involved the threat of prosecution for removal of an important cultural artifact from
Indonesia, that particular keris remained in Solo with a friend for about 5 years until I felt that it
was safe to bring it home.

The fact that you intend to place your entire collection into the museum of an educational
institution is a major factor that has influenced my decision to sell. The other major factor is my
age, I am not far off 80, and I would much prefer to see this important collection stay together
rather than be sold off individually.

This is not the largest collection of keris sajen in the world, but I do believe that it holds some of the
most unique examples of the keris sajen. I have not commented on each keris, except where the
keris concerned is unique for some reason, many of the keris are simply excellent examples of
known forms.

Very little can be said about the keris sajen, and I doubt that I can add anything material to the text
that is in my site, however, I am ready to answer any questions you may have.

Measurements shown for each keris are overall lengths from blade tip to pommel tip including the
integral hilt.
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