A keris sombro. Empu Sombro was a woman empu from the Pajajaran
kingdom, she made small, talismanically charged keris that are
distinguished by an eye, either complete or open, at the end of the tang. The
belief is that Empu Sombro would use this eye to thread the blades onto a
cord and then walk from village to village selling them. She was believed to
harden the blades by quenching the hot blade in a particularly delicate part
of her anatomy.

It is unlikely that this keris Sombro was actually made by Empu Sombro,
but she began the style, and other empus following her continued it. As
with this keris, many keris Sombro bear pijit indentations, and are believed
to possess generally protective talismanic values.

The Surakarta ladrangan wrongko is pre-WWII and original to the
blade.                                                                                                             9.5"