This is not a keris sajen, but a talismanic weapon that has a similar function to the
keris sajen. It has a variety of names:- cengkrong, cundrik, badi, it is recorded in
Javanese literature from Majapahit times, but although it is found all over Jawa, it
is now principally associated with Sunda.

The hilt figure can probably be taken to represent Semar, the pre-Hindu indigenous
deity who is recognised as the Soul of Jawa.

It is an exceptionally scarce item, I have not seen one for sale in Indonesia for more
than 20 years. I have had a few in past times, and I have sold them, this one and #17
are the two best of all that I have had.

A few articles have been written on this form but they do not contribute much to
our knowledge. It does appear to be a very ancient blade form, with possible descent
from Ancient Egypt.                                                           9.5"