This is one of my personal favourites, I bought it from a farmer who lived on
the slopes of Mount Lawu, just about half a kilometer down from Candi
Sukuh. I was walking down the mountain and he caught up with me and
walked with me as far as his house, then he invited me in for a cup of tea.
The conversation got around to what I was doing in Jawa, and that eventually
led to him offering me his keris as a gift. He did not want to sell it to me, but
he admitted that he had lost interest and belief in it and he wanted somebody
to accept it a take care of it. I took it with thanks, but a couple of days later I
came back and gave him an envelope with a better than fair sum of money in

It is in fact a very good keris sajen, it shows a very distinct pamor unduk  
where the hilt material has been forge welded to the blade material, it is a
kebo dhapur, indicating an association with farming, which we know in this
case to be true, it was probably originally waved, luk now are vestigal. It has
pamor and a steel core. Something very old and very nice.

As a bonus, it has that rarest of rare things, its original wrongko --- not
'original' in the sense of the first wrongko this keris ever had, but certainly
old and original to the blade.                                             10.25"