Early in 2009 I was in Bali. During my time there I visited the Neka Art Museum in Ubud. This museum has
been established for more than 25 years and is probably the best place in Bali to see contemporary and
recent Balinese art.

In 2007 a new permanent display of keris was opened at this museum. This display of keris is the best
collection of contemporary keris art I have seen. Anybody who has any doubts about the vitality of modern
keris art and its place in Indonesian culture only need visit this wonderful museum collection to have any
doubts dispelled.

However, in spite of the magnificence of the items assembled in this collection, the collection has been
designed specifically for viewing; the designers of the displays did not consider the possibility that visitors to
the museum might want to photograph the items on display. The reflection and shadow make any acceptable
photographs almost impossible to produce.

The photographs which appear below have been selected from more than 300 images, and all have required
considerable reworking to make them even moderately acceptable, however, they do give an indication of
what can be seen if you can visit this glorious collection.

Here is a link to the Neka Museum site:-   
Neka Keris Gallery, Ubud, Bali