Item 109  A Balinese temutik, this is the Balinese general purpose personal work knife.
It has been hand made by a member of the Pande Clan, the hereditary smiths of Bali.

The hilt is of kayu tri kancu, a wood with the three colours symbolising the Balinese
trinity with yellow representing Siwa, red representing Brahma, and black representing
Wisnu. This is fitting, as this type of personal knife is mostly used for the preparation of
offerings.  An enhanced ferrule and pommel are fitted.  A blue stone is inset at the
pommel, I am uncertain if this is a natural stone or a paste, it has not been checked by a
gemologist, but I have examined it carefully under magnification and bright sunlight
and it does not have the appearance of a paste

The blade has been individually hand forged and hardened & tempered by a member of
the Pande Clan, the blackening of the blade will wear off in use, it has been stained to
prevent corrosion in the tropical climate of Bali.

This knife comes with a wooden scabbard.

This is one of the nicest temutiks I have had, the hilt and overall quality is far better
than is normally the case with these little knives and in the hand it feels as if it will
work by itself, without any assistance from me. I like this knife.

Blade length  4" (102mm)     0verall  9.1" (230mm)                                            
ITEM 109