Item 103   This item consists of 7 Indian siege arrows, these are totally outside my area of expertise, so
I consulted a friend who is both an archer and a collector of Indo-Persian edged weapons, here is what
he has told me:-

"These arrows are probably Mughal and before 1800. This type of arrow was used by
archers who fired from the battlements of besieged castles at the attacking forces below,
the very heavy heads with armour piercing points gained penetration power from
gravitational force, and they were too heavy to be effectively fired back into the castles
from below."

The faceted, armour piercing heads are 3.25" (83mm) long, the head is supported by a copper ferrule
slightly more than .5" (13mm) long, the shaft is cane(?), the shaft in front of the nock is bound with
twine, there is no evidence of fletching.

I believe that arrows similar to these can be found in the collection of the Jaipur City Palace Museum,
and that they are also to be found in:-  
Robert Elgood; Arms and Armour at the Jaipur Court: The
Royal Collection .

I have had them for about 50 years, I purchased them from an old Australian collection.

In order to fix a price for these arrows I searched the net for sellers, I found a dealer in the USA had
what seems to be exactly the same arrows for sale , but with new fletching, for $265 each. I thought that
this was a bit too high, so my price is based on what I think I'd be prepared to pay.

I found a couple of other dealers in the UK who had them listed as having been sold.

I have 7 arrows and I would like to sell them as a single lot, 6 are about 28" (710mm) long and all
roughly the same length, one arrow is 24.5" (622mm) long.

My price for seven arrows is                                                                                                          
ITEM 103