Item 101   This is a Javanese Pedang Cengkrong of exceptional quality and
exceptional rarity.

The blade has 7 luk and is in excellent condition, the garap is outstanding and
the blade age is estimated at pre-1800, this estimate is based on material and luk
form, these features tend to indicate late Mataram.

The scabbard is old and original to the blade, it has two old repairs, it retains
complete integrity. It could be as old as the blade, but to me this seems unlikely, to
be cautious I would place it as second half, 19th century. The original scabbard is
of mamas, the repairs have been done in silver

The hilt is a style typical of Central Jawa and appears to date from second half 19th
century, again, I am being cautious in my dating. It is of mamas.

I have never seen even a photograph of a pedang cengkrong that approaches this
one in quality. It was acquired in Solo in about 1990 from a recently widowed
friend of my housekeeper.

Blade length   22.4" (568mm)     overall length   29.2" (715mm)                    
ITEM 101