Keris 9  This is a Javanese keris of nine waves and classifiable as Segaluh,
using Javanese terminology:- Tangguh Segaluh. This is indicated by the width
of the boto adeg blumbangan and the very slight depth of the waves (luk). This
is an old blade, in my opinion, around 1800 or earlier, it still has a dense
coverage of pamor wos wutah.

The Surakarta gayaman wrongko is old and is probably original to the blade. I
bought this keris in Solo in the early 1980's and when purchased this wrongko
was in very poor condition, I opted to have it restored rather than to replace it,
and complete Javanese restoration involves cleaning out the inside of the
gambar and taking up any wear in the mouth of the gambar, this can be seen,
but it is not the result of a marriage, it is the result of correct restoration of the
original wrongko. The rear of the gambar has a greenish tint to an area of pelet,
some people in Java regard this as talismanic protection that ensures the health
of the custodian. An old mamas blewah pendok is fitted.

The hilt is a Surakarta planar hilt of Yudowinatan form, it has been carefully
sculpted from kayu guaiakan, a very dense hardwood, the details of the patra
are cleanly executed and well balanced, and the grain is attractive. A copper
parijoto mendak is fitted.

Blade length  13.5" (343mm)     overall length  19.5" (495mm)