Keris 2   A South Sumatra keris of 11 Luk (waves), the blade is an old one
estimated as first half of the 19th century, and had its origin in West Java,
probably Banten, indicated by the concave gandhik and the boto rubuh
blumbangan. This is an old blade of very high quality, the pamor is wos wutah, but
the pamor of the gonjo is a complex pamor miring, the gonjo is bekas kinatah, that
is, it once had kinatah work, but all that can be seen of that work now is the
carving that supported it and a few specks of gold. The garap (workmanship) is
masterful. This is a very high quality wilah (blade), and is certainly the work of a
skilled empu.

The wrongko is a South Sumatran style, the material is kayu jati gembol (teak
burl) very likely Palembang, but it could be Lampung, the pendok is from heavy,
solid silver, and as is common with South Sumatran pendok it is without

The hilt is a beautiful South Sumatra Jawa Demam style, usually associated with
Palembang, it is made from high content silver and is fitted with a silver selut.

I bought this keris at auction in Sydney in the 1960's, when I acquired it, it was in
poor condition and it has now been restored. Condition is perfect.

Blade length  15.25"" (387mm)     overall length  18.75" (475mm)