Keris 13   A straight keris of East Javanese origin and bearing pamor Melati
Rinonce, which is translated as "String of Melati Blossoms". This keris was
handled by Empu Suparman not long after I bought it, and his classification
was:- "
Tangguh Mataram, Jawa Timor, dhapur brojol, pamor Melati Rinonce".
It is estimated to date from the second half of the 19th century.

The wrongko is a very refined rendition of the Surakarta Ladrangan Kasatriyan  
form, it has been made as a terusan wrongko, the gandar is integral with the
gambar, that is, this wrongko has been carved from a single piece of wood, a
skill that was only possessed by the most skilful and experience m'ranggis, it is
fitted with an old blewah pendok bearing traces of gilt. There is a miniscule chip
to the base of the angkup on the rear edge, in normal wear or display it cannot
be seen.

The old Surakarta hilt is from kayu kempas and is of cantheng form, it is fitted
with an old, gilt kendit mendak set with yakut (rose-cut rock crystal).

This is a fine, old, classic Surakarta dress keris, it was purchased from a
collector in Malang, East Java, in 1984.

Blade length  13.75" (348mm)     overall length  18.4" (465mm)