Keris 11   This is a Bugis keris, most probably from Southern Sulawesi. The
blade has 9 luk, the base pamor is a random mlumah of the type that in Java we
would call "wos wutah", but for a Bugis keris I think the correct name is Pamor
Lonjoq; at the base of the blade there is segment of pamor that for a Bugis keris
is known as Pamor Laso Ancale. As is common with Bugis keris, this keris has
not been treated with warangan, but the metal grain is easy to read, and a line of
small indentations runs along the blade, which if the blade were to be stained
would probably appear as a line of dots, something like a heavy Banyu Tetes
pamor. This is a robust, well made blade and unmistakably of Bugis origin.

The wrongko has a sampir of chatoyant kayu kemuning and a heavily embossed
pendok, the pendok carries bruising and the blade is a loose fit in the sampir.

The hilt is the Rekko style in a dark, mildly chatoyant wood, and it is fitted with
a pendongkok with line engraving.

This keris was purchased at auction in Sydney, Australia during the 1950's.

Blade length  13.75" (348mm)    overall length  18.5" (470mm)