Keris 1   This is the most highly artistic, and quite simply the best keris I have ever
offered through a catalogue. I acquired it in Surakarta in about 1988, it is Surakarta
Kamardikan  but I do not know the maker.

The kinatah work is genuine old-fashioned kinatah and the gold is high karat, either
22K or 24K.

It was originally the property of a high ranking member of the Surakarta Keraton, I
did not know this man as I bought the keris from his family, through an agent, after
he had passed away. High ranking Javanese people very seldom will sell things of
high value face to face, they normally operate through an agent.

The wrongko has been worn, but it is in pristine condition, it has been carved by a
master m'ranggi from a highly chatoyant golden wood. The pendok is easily
recognisable as the work of Dayadi. Pak Dayadi passed away about 20 years ago and
he was considered by many people to be the best maker of pendoks who had ever
lived, the pendok on this keris is certainly a masterpiece. It is a templek pendok
from heavy, high content silver, the front panel is sculpted in relief with the Dewoto
Agung motif. This style of pendok, from this maker, is the highest quality of pendok
that has been produced in Java during the last 100 years.

The Surakarta Yudowinatan jejeran has been carved by a master, and has used the
natural colours of the tayuman baru wood to create a hilt in the Dinten Dalu style,
literally "day & night", with the pale wood facing to the side of the keris that is seen
in wear and indicating day, and the dark wood facing to the unseen side and
indicating night. A silver kendit mendak set with yakut is fitted.

This is a superb keris of very high quality. It is not now possible to obtain kinatah
work of this type and quality.

Blade length  14.25" (362mm)     overall length   20.25" (514mm)