Item 108
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Tosanaji Keris List 77
Item  108    A Balinese temutik or mlatik. This is a general purpose Balinese work knife. It
has been hand made by a member of the Pande Clan, the hereditary smiths of Bali, and this
one is of better than the usual quality, the blade has been hand forged and properly heat
treated, there is some simple file work to the back of the blade to assist grip, the ferrule and
butt-cap have foliate ornamentation, the hilt is of kayu sono, this type of personal knife is
mostly used for the preparation of offerings and other small, detailed jobs.

The scabbard is of leather, it has a belt loop and a keeper, but it is rare for this type of knife
to be worn, it is usually carried in a shoulder bag of personal belongings, or in the hand.

Blade length   4.25" (112mm.)                  overall   9.75" (247mm.)