Item 105   A Javanese trisula. This blade has been cast, not forged, and that makes it an old
blade, maybe a very old blade, there have been no cast iron or cast steel blades made in Java for a
very long time, the belief is that this sort cast blade has an age that goes back to early times, I
personally do not accept this belief, but I am certainly of the opinion that this trisula was not
made any time after the second half of the 19th century. Definitely old, but maybe not as old as
local Javanese belief would have it.

The scabbard is of kayu sono, the old turned shaft is black lacquered.

I replaced the scabbard about 35 -40 years ago, the original was only junk, badly damaged and
falling apart.

Blade length   8.75" (223mm)     overall length   22" (560mm)                                               
Item 105
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