Item 104    A very old kujang from Sunda. The kujang is the pusaka weapon of the
Parahiyangan in West Java, it been in existence since the 13th century, the era of Pajajaran.
Originally it was a weapon, but since the fall of the kingdom of Pajajaran its status has been
as a  talismanic weapon that is regarded as protection for farmers, their lands and livestock. It
is believed to be a sure defence against diseases that affect livestock, pests that can damage
crops, and it assists the fertility of soil. In fact all things that are positive for farmers it
assists, all things that are negative for farmers it offers protection against. It is a believed to
be a very powerful protective amulet.

This one has a laminated blade and comes with its kayu sono hilt and scabbard.

Blade length   9" (228mm)     overall length   15.25" (387mm)                                      
Item 104
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