Item  103    This is a Balinese temutik, a small knife that is the traditional
equivalent of a Balinese pocket knife. This one is of superb quality, it was made
by Mpu Pande Ketut Wirawan, and is a really exceptional piece of work. The
blade is high carbon steel, hand forged, worked with hand tools in the old
fashioned way, and properly heat treated, the hilt is a painstakingly detailed
sculpture of a Naga ( a Balinese dragon).

The scabbard has been crafted from kayu sono.

This is a beautifully crafted Balinese custom knife, made by a member of the
Pande Clan, the hereditary smiths of Bali. Knives of this quality from Bali are
seldom offered on the open market.

Blade length   3.45" (86mm)     overall length   8" (203mm)                      
Item 103
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