Keris 9  An old Madurese keris with 15 luk blade and pamor wos wutah, classification is
Madura-Mataram. This is an old blade and does show evidence of the passing of time, but
overall it still reatains good form and good pamor cover. The 15 luk or waves are worth
comment. In formal Javanese and Madurese dhapur forms, the maximum number of allowable
luk is 13, the Surakarta pakem does have recognised forms up to 29 luk, but all keris with luk
counts over 13 are regarded as suitable only for persons of character or occupation that is out of
the ordinary, people such as artists of one kind or another, or dukuns, or dalangs. People who
are outside the normal stream of society.

The Madura wrongko is a sandang walikat form, it is terusan, the gandar and sampir carved
from a single piece of wood, the gambar is carved with a bird, iconographically a bird in this
context could be regarded as a link between the seen and the unseen worlds, between living and
dead, the keris itself, the blade, is a link to ancestors when it is pusaka, so the bird on the
wrongko becomes a link to the ancestors. An open face blewah pendok of mamas is fitted , this
is an old pendok and it has a couple of openings in the sides, and in the end of the pendok, they
are not obvious and need to be looked for. This wrongko is original to the blade. This type of
wrongko is a form of folk art, very often they have been carved by the owner of the keris, I do
not think that this is the case for this wrongko, I believe it has been made by a tukang wrongko,
because it is terusan, carved from a single piece of wood, and special skills are needed to be able
to carve this type of wrongko.

The jejeran is an old, well carved,  Putra Satu form that incorporates lotus flowers as epaulettes,
a tumpul motif and a black horn selut. A mendak bearing a granulated motif is fitted.

This keris was acquired in Sumenep Madura during the 1970's and has been a part of my
personal collection since that time.

Blade length   13.25" (335mm)     overall length   17.5" (445mm)                                   
Keris  9
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