Keris 8  A Javanese keris with a straight blade and with perhaps the best rendition of pamor blarak
that I have ever seen. The pamor in the wilah (the body of the blade) has been superbly executed and is
without fault, the gonjo has been separately forged and displays pamor blarak on both sides and
additionally on its top. This blade is an absolutely wonderful piece of work. But it comes with a puzzle.
It shows every indication of being high quality kemardikan, but this quality of kemardikan work did
not become available until well into the 1990's. I bought this keris in a Sydney antique shop during the
1960's. I do not believe that the skill existed anywhere for a blade like this to have been made between
the beginning of WWII and at the very earliest, mid-1980, but I bought it in Sydney during the 1960's. I
believe it to be early 20th century.

The wrongko is an old Solo gayaman blewah, the material appears to be kayu gembol jati (burl teak), it
bears evidence of age and has some minor chips, it is fitted with a silver plated pendok blewah bearing
a lung-lungan motif. This wrongko is original to the blade.

The old Solo yudowinatan jejeran has dark lacquer, is of good execution, and has neatly carved and
balanced cecekan. A silver kendit mendak set with brilliants is fitted. The jejeran and mendak are
replacements for the originals which were badly damaged when I purchased this keris.

Blade length   15" (380mm)     overall length   20.5" (520mm)                                              
Keris 8
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