Keris 7  A Javanese keris of 11 luk, dhapur is Sabuk Inten, pamor is very fine wos
wutah executed in high contrast material, garap is exceptionally fine. This keris is
clearly from the hand of a highly skilled pande or empu.

The magnificent terusan ladrangan wrongko is has been carved by a master from a
single piece of golden wood with very active, convoluted grain. This wrongko is a
masterpiece, but I am not able to identify the wood from which it has been carved.

The jejeran is another extremely fine example of the art of the m'ranggi, it is an example
of text-book form rendered in the very dense kayu tayuman baru, a silver mendak pecen
with three tiers of rose cut natural stones, red mirah, and white yakut, is fitted.

This is an extremely fine example of the Surakarta formal keris.

Blade length   14.75" (368mm)     overall length   20" (507mm)                         
Keris 7
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