Keris 6   A very fine Balinese keris of 11 luk (waves), bearing finely executed, high contrast
pamor wos wutah, the gonjo is the Balinese berombak form, the  sogokan is neatly sculpted and  
a goose is carved at the gandhik. The iconographic intent of the goose is a reference to Brahma
the Creator, the goose, Hamsa, is the vahana or vehicle of Brahma, and several other deities, but
in the context of the keris it must be understood as the vehicle of Brahma, and by extension as a
protective device.

The sarung or wrongko is batun poh form and both the gambar and the gandar are from kayu
pelet of the tompel polos motif.

The danganan or hilt is the scarce kocet-kocetan form, it is scarce because it is only used by
leaders and prominent religious personages, it is a symbol of change from the present state to a
better state. A silver uwer set with red and blue pastes is fitted.

This is a large and fine Balinese keris of good quality and immaculate presentation.

Blade length    16.5" (420mm.)              overall   25.5" (648mm.)                                      
Keris  6
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