Keris 5  Here we have a Keris Panjang, a Long Keris, sometimes known as an Executioner's Keris.
This is something that is almost completely outside my area of expertise. I have the understanding
that in fact these Long Keris were a badge of authority for nobles, who would wander around with
a new one when they got it from the maker, and test it on any unfortunates who happened to cross
their path. Probably urban myth of a type, but a blood chilling myth just the same.

There was something associated with this type of keris that is well documented. A method of
execution in some parts of the Malay World was to push a keris through a pad of cotton fluff
placed behind the collar bone and into a condemned man's heart. The sentence could be carried
out either slowly or quickly.  This type of keris was ideally suited to this method of execution.
This was real.

I think this particular Keris Panjang is probably from Sumatera or the Riau Archipelago, but I
don't really know.

What I do know is that it came into Australia in about 1920 and I have had it since I was 12 years
old. I also know that neither the previous owner nor I have done even the smallest bit of
restoration on it, except for a very occasional brushing with oil, and replacement of the twine
holding the hilt in place. Condition is absolutely 100% original and as found. In other words it is
complete, old, and original, but untidy and needs some TLC. Hopefully somebody will grab it at
this bargain price and give it what it probably deserves.

I don't feel like writing a description for this keris, the photos say exactly what it is, and what
condition it is in, but I will answer any questions on it that you may have.

Well, maybe half a description, the blade is really a very superior piece of work, the pendongkok is
silver, the hilt is wood, some chips, the scabbard is complete & original to the blade, it has one
old, very tiny chip that can be seen in the photos,the buntut is horn. It is a good thing, cheap.

Blade length   23.75" (603mm)     overall   28" (710mm)                                                
Keris 5
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