Keris 4   An old Madurese keris bearing pamor adeg wengkon and of dhapur brojol.
Adeg wengkon is the pamor that was used in keris and tombak that were presented to
a newly created bupati by his lord. The symbolism involved was that the wengkon
represented the bupati, the line of pamor adeg represented the people that the bupati
was responsible for protecting and administering. Talismanically adeg wengkon is
regarded as one of the strongest protective pamors. This is an old blade, my estimate
of age is mid 1800's.

The Madura gabilan wrongko is an udengan form that was popular with people who
were not members of the ruling elite, it has the status of a folk art form, very often the
owner of the keris would carve his own wrongko and use his own motif for
ornamentation. This particular udengan wrongko is the style that was used by
Madurese mercenaries who enlisted for service in the Dutch Colonial forces, the
gambar (upper cross section) of the wrongko  has been carved in the image of a lion,
this is intended as the lion of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, a demonstration of
loyalty to the Dutch Colonial Government. The gandar is carved with a lung-lungan
motif, and an open front Madura topengan pendok in mamas is fitted; this pendok has
a removable triangular stud, intended to permit placement of the keris into a frog, for
suspension from the belt. This form of wrongko has now become highly desired by
East Javanese collectors.

The old, finely carved tumenggungan hilt of the style favoured in Pamekesan is fitted
with an old silver mendak with a  fabricated double row of triangles, the well known
motif frequently used in Archipelago ornamentation, and a reference to the
Gunungan, itself a reference to Mount Meru, and perhaps the most iconic Javanese

This keris was acquired in Malang, East Java in about 1978. It has been a part of my
personal collection since that time. This wrongko is one of the best examples of this
particular style and motif that I have seen.

Blade length   14.25" (362mm)     overall length   20.25" (514mm)                     
Keris 4
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