Keris 30   This is a legendary Keris Sombro. Empu Sombro was a lady Empu, she lived during
the Pajajaran era, her line of descent was Mpu Marcukunda>Mpu Manca>Mpu Sombro. Another
lady Mpu, Mpu Semboga was her niece. Her son was Mpu Gede Gunung Tawang, and she was an
ancestor of Mpu Cublak and Mpu Gede Mataram. But her family was not the most interesting
thing about Mpu Sombro, the widely held belief is that she made these small, very highly charged
talismanic blades, and when she had built up a stock of them she threaded them onto a cord and
walked from village to village selling them, some Keris Sombro still have the eye hole in the end
of the tang that the thread was passed through, others do not, this one does not have the eye.

Now, the question may arise as to why these small, seemingly insignificant blades were so highly
charged and highly valued. Well, it was understood that Mpu Sombro hardened these blades by
bringing them to a cherry red heat and then quenching them in a most delicate and restricted part
of her anatomy. That is the legend, it might be true, it might not, but it makes the eyes water to
think about it.

The Pajajaran era was a very long time ago, and some people may not believe that this keris is
actually more than 600 years old, dedicated Javanese keris enthusiasts would disapprove of this
attitude. Personally, I'm a fence sitter on this issue, I take the line that things are only as old as
one believes they are --- our birth certificate might indicate an age of 80, but when we look in the
mirror we see a 40 year old. Belief, it applies to all things.

In any case, this is a nice example of a Keris Sombro, it has the additional feature of being a keris
pejetan (picit), that is, it bears the evidence of having been indented by finger pressure whilst hot.
There are a lot of keris around that claim to be keris pejetan, most are not genuine, I am inclined
to accept that this one is genuine because the extreme fragility of the blade would not make it at
all difficult to be indented by finger pressure. The blade carries a single strip of pamor Adeg Siji.

The wrongko and jejeran are recent and are of kayu sono

Blade length   6" (152mm)     overall length   9.75" (247mm)                                        
Keris 30
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