Keris 3   A very old Javanese keris of the scarce dhapur Sepang form, this form has the
talismanic value of ensuring maritial harmony. Pamor is wos wutah and it has been executed
in old style, low contrast material. The besi is reminiscent of Pajajaran and the odo-odo runs
the full length of the blade. This is a very old keris, I would place it as late 18th century or
earlier, but I am unable to classify it.

The wrongko is an old, superbly sculpted Surakarta gayaman blewah from kayu jati gembol
(burl teak) and it is fitted with a copper blewah pendok polos.

The Surakarta Yudowinatan hilt has been expertly sculpted from kayu mangga and is fitted
with a silver kendit mendak set with rose cut rock crystal (yakut).

This keris was acquired in Solo during the 1980's, the blade was re-stained about ten years ago.
It is an excellent example of the keris sepang and in classic Surakarta gayaman dress.

Blade length   12.5"  (317mm)      18.5" (470mm)                                                                
Keris 3
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