Keris 29   This is a rare Javanese Keris Sajen Majapahit, the inclusion of "Mahapahit" in the
name does not indicate that this keris necessarily originated during the Majapahit era, it is a
reference to style. However, that said, this is a very old keris of this style.

Very little can be said about this type of keris because very little is known about them. It is
known that this type of keris was used in some offering ceremonies in some locations, including
specifically the "Bersih Desa" ("Cleaning the Village") ceremony. It is also known that during
Colonial times, and even until today, they are carried by some people as a personal protective

This one has a made to order kayu sono wrongko.

It was acquired quite recently and is being offered at a very low price.

Overall  length   of keris   8.75" (222mm)     length in wrongko   9.5" (242mm)             
Keris 29
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