Keris 28   An East Javanese keris patrem, it is gonjo iras and bears pamor Adeg Sapu.
The keris patrem is a keris  made especially for a woman. In olden times women
attached to a kraton or other noble house carried a keris at all times in order to defend
their honour, this was particularly the case if the kraton was over-run by an enemy and
taken, under these circumstances women were expected to kill themselves rather than
be violated and their honour besmirched. This is an old blade conservatively estimated
to pre-date 1850.

The wrongko is a recent Javanese sandang walikat form made specifically for this blade
from Javanese sandalwood (cendana Jawa).

The hilt is an old Madura or East Java Bajing Loncat style, it has good patina and an
angkup randu polos mendak is fitted.

This keris was acquired in Malang during the 1990's.

Blade length   8" (203mm)     12.5" (317mm)                                                     
Keris 28
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