Keris 27   A Javanese keris of dhapur Marak bearing pamor Wos Wutah and
classifiable as Mataram-Kajoran. This is an old keris that has retained its form well.

The wrongko is terusan, with the gambar and gandar carved from a single piece of
wood with a distinctive striated grain, an old mamas blewah pendok is fitted. The
making of a terusan wrongko is something that not many makers are capable of
doing, it is something that requires a very high degree of skill to achieve a
satisfactory result. This wrongko is original to the wrongko.

The old Surakarta jejeran is wanda yudowinatan, neatly carved and has well balanced
cecekan, an old blue kemalo mendak with a granulated tumpul motif is fitted.

This keris was acquired in Pasar Triwindu in Solo during the 1970's.

Blade length   14" (355mm)     overall length   19" (482mm)                           
Keris 27
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