Keris 26     A Javanese Keris Bethok, pamor is sanak, it is iras gonjo. This is a very old keris, it
cannot be classified except by type, but this keris form is held to be the form that immediately
followed the Keris Buda form. It is believed to be a keris form that has a calming influence on
its custodian and that it will quell aggression and anger.

The wrongko is superb, it is an old Surakarta gayaman terusan wrongko, with gambar and
gandar carved from a single piece of wood, it is original to the blade and is fitted with an old
pendok blewah. The wood is a rich dark material with a distinctive striated grain, I cannot name
this wood but it is very superior material.

The old Surakarta jejeran is wanda cantheng, it is well carved with nicely balanced cecekan and
is fitted with an old parijoto mendak.

This is a very distinctive keris and one that will be appreciated by a connoisseur, I purchased
this keris privately in Solo in 1978.

Blade length   7.75" (197mm)     overall length   19.5" (495mm)                                      
Keris 26
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