Keris  25    An old East Javanese keris with a straight blade and bearing pamor Bendo Sagodo with
a large Kul Buntet in the sorsoran. Talismanically Bendo Sagodo is a broadly positive pamor motif
that is believed to have a beneficial effect on financial matters and well being, Kul Buntet is believed
to have similar qualities to Batu Lapak (see Keris no. 20) , but to be much stronger in nature. This
keris is probably classifiable as Gresik.

The East Javanese gayaman wrongko is from kayu timoho with pelet mbathok, it appears to be
original to the blade, and is fitted with an old mamas pendok embossed with a ganggong kembang

The jejeran is an East Javanese planar form with wanda cantheng, it is in good polish and is fitted
with an old kendit mendak set with yakut (rose cut rock crystal).

This keris was acquired in Malang during the 1970's.

Blade length   13.25" (332mm)     overall length   19" (482mm)                                        
Keris 25
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