Keris 24   An old Javanese keris with a 5 luk blade and bearing pamor Ngulit Semangko executed in
high contrast material, probably classifiable as Madiun, this is an old blade that has retained its
form very well.

The old gayaman wrongko is free of any damage and is in good polish, it has been neatly carved
from kayu timoho and the gambar carries the mbelang sapi motif. It bears evidence of both East
Javanese and Central Javanese influences, something that is typical of keris from the area of

The Jogjakarta tunggak semi deder is wanda Krajan, neatly carved with well balanced patra and in
good polish, a silvered red kemalo mendak is fitted.

This keris was acquired in Pasar Beringhardjo in Jogjakarta during the 1980's. It is not an easy keris
to classify in terms of location, the blade shows evidence of being of Madiun origin, and I have no
problem with that, but the wrongko could be classified as either East Java or Jogjakarta. Looked at
from above it tends towards a Jogjakarta form rather than an East Java form. Culturally Madiun is
closer to Central Javanese culture, than to East Javanese culture, this is because historically Madiun
was under the control of the Central Javanese Mataram Sultanate, so what we have in this keris is a
mixture of East Jawa and Central Jawa, something that is typical of  Madiun style.

Blade length   13.25" (335mm)     overall length   18"(457mm)                         
Keris 24
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