Keris 23   A Javanese keris with a straight blade and residual pamor wos wutah, dhapur is
Sinom. This is a very old blade, I estimate that it conservatively pre-dates 1850, the
standard of the garap is very high and is in perfect compliance with the Surakarta pakem
with the exception of a full-length odo-odo, an understandable loss because of the age of
the blade. The kembang kacang and greneng retain form, the sogokan has excellent form,
and the blumbangan is the trademark Surakarta boto adeg.

The old Surakarta gayaman wrongko is elegantly sculpted in the slim style popular in
Surakarta before the PBX era, it is original to the blade and the material is kayu timoho
with pelet selempang motif, an old mamas pendok bearing a lung-lungan motif is fitted.

The jejeran has high chatoyancy and is a fluted form that broadly follows the Maraseba
wanda, an old granulated and silvered mendak is fitted.

This keris was acquired in Solo from a neighbour in the early 1980's.

Blade length   14" (355mm)     18.9" (480mm)                                                            
Keris 23
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