Keris 21   This is a Bugis keris, however I myself am not any sort of authority on Bugis
keris and the various styles of dress used for Bugis keris from different locations.
Accordingly, I have consulted two respected keris authorities and asked for an opinion
and neither was prepared to give any sort of definite opinion, one opted for Peninsula,
one was not prepared to commit. I then had a look at a number of books, including
Ahmad Ubbe, and the scabbard and hilt style were not shown in any. Thus, I am going
put forward a guess, which is totally my own rather insubstantial opinion and nobody but
I can be blamed if it is wrong.

The blade is undoubted culturally Bugis, no problem there, but the scabbard and the hilt
could be from anywhere. In my opinion it is likely that the scabbard and hilt are from
South Sumatra. If South Sumatra is a bad guess, I'll opt for The Peninsula.

The blade is very well forged and the standard of garap is good, the ngulit semongko
pamor is evenly distributed and does not encroach into the cutting edge, and it has 9 luk.

The hilt is a bent over Jawa Demam style, it has two old repairs that are easily seen in the
photos,  the copper pendongkok has applied filigree work.

The scabbard has a sampir of kayu kemuning and a kayu arang buntut.

I acquired this keris in Jakarta in 1974, it is exactly as it was when I bought it, except that
I have replaced the twine around the pesi.

Blade length   13.5" (343mm)     16.7" (423mm)                                                
Keris 21
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