Keris 2   An old Balinese keris of with a 13 luk (wave) blade,  original stain and bearing pamor wos wutah,
sub motif pulo tirta, pamor wos wutah means "scattered rice grains" and has the talismanic value of
ensuring  freedom from hunger, whilst pulo tirta carries the connotation of flowing water which assists
growth. This is a very old blade, I would conservatively estimate pre-1850 and it clearly displays evidence
of age.

The old batun poh wrongko is of kayu pelet bearing the dewandaru motif, the gandar
(penyejer in Bali) bears the pelet motif of kembang. An open face pendok deeply embossed front and back
with a lung-lungan motif showing vines and flowers is fitted.

The hilt (danganan) is a well-carved totogan form in black kayu arang (a type of ebony) that depicts
Hanuman, the monkey god of the Ramayana, who is a powerful protective deity for the Bali-Hindu people.
An  uwer (hilt ring) set with pastes and natural stones is fitted.

This keris was acquired in Bali in the late 1970's and has been in my possession since that time.

Blade length   16" (407mm)     overall length   26.5" (673mm)                                                
Keris  2
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