Keris 19   A Javanese keris with a 5 luk blade and bearing pamor M'rutu Sewu. The pamor has
been handled to perfection and the garap is of a high standard. Pamor M'rutu Sewu is
talismanically similar to pamor Udan Mas (Hujan Mas), it is believed to assist in meeting with
good luck, and to make it easy to meet new friends, it is a broadly positive pamor.

The Surakarta ladrangan sunggingan wrongko is adorned with a modeng Motif on a pale yellow
base and a red pendok blewah is fitted. In the dress code of the Karaton Surakarta the base colour
of yellow on the wrongko indicates the rank of a bupati (regent), the red pendok indicates a
member of the royal family, so this keris has been prepared for wear by a bupati who is member of
the royal family.

The Surakarta yudowinatan jejeran is decorated en suite with the wrongko and a red  kemalo
mendak is fitted.

Blade length   14.25" (362mm)     overall length   20.25" (514mm)                                        
Keris 19
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Tosanaji Keris List  77