Keris 18    An old Lombok-Bali keris with a 5 luk blade and bearing pamor wos wutah, the garap
is the usual exceptionally high standard that we are accustomed to in Balinese keris.

The wrongko is the Kekandikan form associated with Balinese keris that were worn in Lombok.
This form of wrongko is also worn in Bali, but in Lombok it sometimes a has pendok that is
similar to a Javanese pendok, in this case the pendok is deeply embossed with a lung-lungan
motif of vines, leaves and flowers.

The totogan danganan (hilt) is a good  sculpture of a Bhuta, a forest demon, and an uwer set with
pastes is fitted.

This is a very good, old Balinese keris that is in dress that is not of the same quality, as such it is
an opportunity to obtain a good, old Bali keris at a very reasonable price. I have only had custody
of this keris for about 3 or 4 years, in 2016 a long-time friend and supplier in Bali decided to
retire from business and close his doors as a keris dealer. He had had this keris in his stock for
more than 30 years and I had tried several times to buy it from him, but he always refused and
came up with multiple reasons why he could not sell it. When he went out of business I finally
succeeded in buying it from him, along with the residue of his stock.

Please note:- one of the stones in the uwer is missing, I did not notice this until after it had
been photographed, I will replace this uwer with one of the same design and quality before I ship
it to the buyer.

Blade length   16" (405mm)     overall length   23.25" (590mm)                                         
Keris 18
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