Keris 15    A Javanese keris bearing very well executed pamor Lar Gangsir in high contrast
material, and of Dhapur Pasopati. The garap is of a high standard and displays a neat greneng,
evenly matched sogokan, a broad odo-odo and kruwingan. Pamor Lar Gangsir has the
talismanic value of assisting in the avoidance of black magic and in preventing disturbance by
ghosts and other spirits.

The Surakarta gayaman wrongko has been neatly carved from kayu awar-awar with its typical
high contrast striations, and a pendok deeply embossed with a motif of leaves and flowers is
fitted. Awar-awar wood is highly favoured for a wrongko that will be used to attend festive
occasions, such as marriages and parties.

The Surakarta Naga jejeran is perfectly sculpted from red kayu sawo and is fitted with an old
gilt parijoto mendak.

Blade length   14" (355mm)     overall length   20.5" (520mm)                                
Keris 15
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