Keris 14   This is a keris from Palembang in Sumatera, the wilah is typically Palembang
with ngulit semangko  wengkon pamor and tilam upih dhapur.It is a very well made,
compact and robust blade.

The wrongko is text-book Palembang, it is old and is original to the blade. A heavy copper
pendok is fitted, this pendok displays more than a little light bruising. We are
accustomed to seeing a few dents in an old pendok, but this one looks as if it has actually
been used as a weapon.

The hilt is the Palembang Jawa Demam style, well carved, no chips or damage, and fitted
with a brass selut polos.

I have had this keris for a long time, at least 50 years, but I have no record of how or
where I got it. I have a feeling that I might have bought it from a dealer in the UK, but I
am uncertain.

Blade length   12.6" (317mm)     overall length   16.9" (428mm)                            
Keris  14
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