Keris 12   A Madura keris of 9 luk and dhapur Kebo Dhengen or Maesa Dhengen. Kebo &
Maesa both mean "water buffalo", a Dhengen is a disease causing spirit, thus the
talismanic value of this dhapur is as a protective device against disease causing spirits.
Since all the Kebo dhapurs are particularly suited to those with a connection to agriculture
and husbandry, the Kebo Dhengen dhapur is to be understood as a dhapur that will protect
livestock against disease causing spirits. This is a large and particularly well made keris,
pamor is wos wutah. Stylistically this wilah tends towards the Balinese, this is
understandable due to the long and well known presence of people of Balinese descent
who are present in the Sumenep area of Madura.

The wrongko is a very large udeng-udengan style, artistically ornamented with a carving of
a winged dragon, a topengan pendok with lis and kepet is fitted, the wrongko is original to
the blade.

The old Janggelan hilt is of kayu arang and is fitted with an old silver selut.

A large Madura keris of a very scarce style and of excellent quality.

Blade length   18" (458mm)     overall length   23" (584mm)                                 
Keris 12
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