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Keris 11
Keris 11   An old Javanese keris, the wilah (blade) is classifiable as Madura - Mataram, the pamor
is wos wutah and the garap is of a high standard, overall condition is excellent.

The old Jogjakarta gayaman wrongko is in kayu pelet of the mbelang sapi motif, it has been
carefully carved, it has no damage and it is original to the blade. A very good pendok of silver,
deeply embossed with an intricate semen motif is fitted, it has a few very minor bruises.

The old jejeran (Jogja:- deder) has been carefully sculpted to pakem and has neat, well balanced
cecekan. A granulated lung wedeng mendak is fitted.

This is very good old Jogjakarta keris in its original dress, it has evidence of wear and it has good
patina, but no damage.

This keris was acquired during the 1980's from a Javanese collector living in Solo, he had used
Javanese keris oil that was based on coconut oil, and even after 30 years in my possession, this oil
can still be smelt.

Blade length   13.5" (343mm)     overall length 19" (482mm)