Keris 1  This is a fine Bugis keris that displays characteristics normally associated with
South Sulawesi. The blade has five luk (waves) and is the typical form with flat faces and
an acute edge bevel that provides the uniquely  hexagonal Bugis cross section. The pamor
is a puntiran (twisted) miring motif that bears a resemblance to the Javanese Buntel
Mayat pamor. There is complete and well managed expose of the blade core, and
indication of superior craftsmanship.

The scabbard has a sampir of kayu salebara (kemuning), the gandar (sarung) appears to
be kayu cenrana and a buntut is fitted. This is an old scabbard, the blade fits it neatly and
the overall condition is perfect and completely without damage.

The heavy silver hilt (hulu, pangulu) is the Rekko form and is deeply embossed with a
floral motif and has an overall good patina. This hilt is free of any major dents, it has no
holes or fractures, it does have a couple of very minor dents that need to be searched for
in order to be seen. A heavy silver kili-kili (pendongkok) is fitted.

This keris was bought at auction in Sydney in the mid-1970's, when it was purchased the
hilt was loose, and this has been remounted with new twine, but the blade has not been
restained and the scabbard has not been re-polished while it has been in my possession.

Please note:- I am not expert in the field of Bugis keris, I have taken advice from a
collector experienced in this field, and from Ahmad Ubbe's book
"Senjata Pusaka Bugis"
in the writing of this description.

Blade length   13.5" (317mm)     overall length   19.25"  (19.25" (488mm)                 
Keris 1
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