Item 108   A  Sumatran lawi ayam with a wulung blade having a carefully file cut forte,
the leading edge of the spine is sharp as well as the inner curved edge.

The hilt is of buffalo horn and has an indentation in the pommel to accept the index

The scabbard is open at the back, being intended only to protect the user from an
accidental cut, but permitting the weapon to be brought into play very quickly.

Van Zonneveld has a lengthy entry on this type of dagger, and earlier writers, such as
Gardner also mention them in a similar vein. Briefly, these are horrible little daggers,
carried concealed and used with the blade pointing down, the point outwards, a
sweeping upwards blow is delivered to the opponent's belly, the objective being to
disembowel. Not really very nice.

Blade length across the curve   5" (127mm.)    overall   8.5"" (216mm.)                    
ITEM 108