Item 107   An old Balinese temutik, it was purchased during the 1990's from a Balinese
student attending the ISI (Institute Seni Indonesia)  the arts university in Solo, Java.

This temutik has an old blade that I estimate as late 19th to early 20th century. This
blade is a little gem, it is very robust, the spine has the mantra "OM" carved into it, and
it is inlaid with brass.

The scabbard is sono and was replaced in the 1990's when the student I bought it from
came to Solo to attend university. The hilt is original and is of kayu tri kancu, a sacred
wood representing the Balinese trinity of Siwa, Brahma & Wisnu, it was repolished
when the scabbard was replaced. The metal hilt fittings show traces of gilt, and the
pommel is set with a turquiose.

Blade length   5.5" (140mm)     14.25" (367mm)                                                      
ITEM 107