Item 106   A Javanese tombak , classification is Puton, pamor m'rambut and with a batu
lapak at the blade base. Batu lapak is considered to be a royal pamor that is believed to
have some very powerful talismanic powers, including the provision of wealth, the
absence of need, a superfluity of beautiful women, and wait for it --- a harmonious

The scabbard is skilfully carved from a single piece of beautifully patterned burl teak, the
landeyan (shaft) is a display shaft of Javanese sandalwood and is fitted with gilt tunjung
and sopal. Original shafts are pretty much unknown on Javanese tombak, except for a
few in museum displays. Original shafts were very long and the necessity of modern
living has seen virtually all tombak in private hands to have display shafts.

As I am now at a relatively advanced age, and I really would like to live for a while longer,
I thought that it would be a good idea to let somebody else have the opportunity to enjoy
possession of this tombak. Continued possession of a tombak like this could well see me
depart for the Other World before my time.

Blade length   9.5" (242mm)     overall length, including shaft, 39.5" (1 meter)    
ITEM 106