Item 105   A Balinese temutik. This is the Balinese general purpose personal work knife,
and this one has been made by Mangku Pande Ketut Mudra, who is the senior Pande
working today. He is descended from Pande Urip Wesi from the Javanese Kingdom of
Majapahit, and from the 18th century Balinese Pande Kaki Sudarma. His ancestors have
been living in Bali since the invasion of Gajah Mada.

This temutik has a blade bearing pamor wos wutah, the hilt is a sculpture from kayu
areng (black ebony) of a priest, the closed ferrule is of brass, it comes with a simple
scabbard of kayu sono.

The quality of this temutik is far higher than is normally the case.

Blade length    3.6" (90mm)     overall length   9.76" (250mm)                            
ITEM 105