Item 103    A Javanese pedang sabet. This is a very good quality pedang with a
heavy, robust blade bearing pamor adeg along its length, and a rojo gundolo on
each face at its base.The steel edge has good exposure. I would estimate the
age of this pedang as first half of the 19th century.

The scabbard is a storage scabbard, much younger than the blade. It is unusual
to find a pedang that was used in combat with its original dress, and in fact, in
Java many combat pedang only had light wooden covers that were dropped as
soon as the fighting began. The scabbard and hilt fitted to this pedang are well
made from kayu sono and provide good protection for the blade.

Blade length   20.25" (520mm)      overall length   27.25" (692mm)          
ITEM 103