Item 102   I have always been puzzled by this dagger, so when I decided that it
was to be offered for sale I sought the advice of an Indonesian who specialises
in weapons from outside Java and Bali. He has advised me that it can be named
as a "badeh", "badek" or "badi", and that it is Batak in origin. I have checked this
against van Zonneveld, and his opinion seems to be reasonable. So I am offering
it as a Batak badi from Sumatra.

The blade is pamor construction, pamor motif is adeg, the hilt is an ancestor
figure well carved from black kerbau horn and with white horn inlaid eyes, the
scabbard appears to be younger than the blade & hilt and has a buntut of bone
and black horn.

I bought this dagger in Jakarta in the early 1970's and it has been a part of my
personal collection since that time.

Blade length   8" (203mm)     overall length   13.25" (337mm)                
ITEM 102